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Terms and Conditions

Contractual conditions for renting a pitch for a tent, caravan, holiday home or motorhome

This Agreement, together with the attached rules and regulations, applies to the rental of a pitch for a tent, caravan, holiday home or mobile home. For stays of more than 30 days where the campsite determines the entry and departure dates, the “Seasonal Camping Agreement” applies.

Age restrictions for booking and access

In order to book/conclude a contract with us, you must be at least 25 years old. For group bookings, at least two people must be at least 25 years old, unless a higher age limit is specified when booking. However, a single parent who lives with several children is exempt from this obligation. If in doubt, check what applies at the respective campsite. ID may be required upon arrival. Compliance with the age limit is a prerequisite for access to the place.

Booking fee

If you book in advance, a booking fee of a maximum of SEK 125 per pitch may be charged.

Booking confirmation

You should receive written confirmation of your booking. The booking confirmation contains important information about your booking. Check whether the contents of the booking confirmation match your booking. If the confirmation contains errors, please let us know as soon as possible.
When is my booking binding?
The booking becomes binding when you receive a booking confirmation from us. This can be done in different ways: in writing, by email or via the booking system on the Internet.
24 hour sales or returns
You can reserve or cancel 24 hours a day if there are more than 7 days between booking and arrival.


When you book, a deposit of 20% of the total amount is due via our booking system. The partial payment serves as a deposit and will be deducted from the remaining payment.
You can pay the remaining payment in the following ways:
- Reception upon arrival by credit card
- Online to use our self-checkin with credit card

Changes or rebookings

Changes to a booking are possible for a fee of a maximum of SEK 125 per booking per occasion. Changes to your arrival and departure are possible up to 7 days before arrival, provided there is space. Any change to the original booking made less than 7 days before check-in will be considered a cancellation (see Cancellation) with a subsequent new booking.
It is possible to hand over the reservation to another person up to 1 day before arrival, provided that the handover takes place for the same period and at the same price and the new guest meets the age requirements. A change to another person will be charged a 125 kr processing fee.

Early departure

If you leave earlier than planned, no money will be refunded unless otherwise agreed with us.
What applies if I want to cancel?
You can cancel verbally, in writing or by email to us or, if necessary, via our online booking. If canceled less than 40 days before arrival, the standard compensation listed below will be charged.

Cancellation policy

The following conditions apply to cancellations (if the sell or return rules do not apply). In the event of travel cancellation insurance, separate regulations apply (see below).
• If you cancel up to 40 days before your arrival date, you will pay a maximum of 20% of the agreed amount.
• If you cancel 39-22 days before your arrival date, you will pay a maximum of 50% of the agreed amount.
• If you cancel 21-8 days before your arrival date, you will pay a maximum of 75% of the agreed amount.
• If canceled less than 7 days before the agreed arrival date or at the end of an ongoing stay, no refund will be made and we are entitled to charge the agreed unpaid amount.

Travel cancellation insurance

At the time of booking you can take out cancellation insurance, which applies under the following conditions. Costs of travel cancellation insurance: Stuga: SEK 250, caravan/mobile home: SEK 125.
Travel cancellation insurance means that you can cancel up to the agreed arrival date. However, cancellation must be made as soon as you know that you cannot fulfill the agreement due to one of the events listed below. With travel cancellation insurance you also have the right to terminate an ongoing stay and receive a refund for the corresponding part of the stay that you were unable to use if any of the points listed below occur.Valid reasons for claiming on the cancellation insurance:
1. Death, illness or serious accident involving you, your spouse, your partner, your parents, children or siblings or a member of your group,
2. another serious event occurs outside of your control, e.g. serious fire or flooding of your home, which results in you no longer being able to commit to your booking,
3. conscription into the Bundeswehr or civil defense or
4. if you are prevented from using your booking due to unemployment or new employment. Your impediment must be proved with a relevant certificate from, for example, a doctor or insurance company. The certificate must reach us no later than 30 days after the cancellation date.
The amount of your refund will be paid no later than 10 days after presentation of the certificate of your entitlement to travel cancellation insurance.

What rights do I have?

In the event of breach of contract, serious disruption or deviation of the service from our information or what you could reasonably expect, you have the right to demand remedy, price reduction or withdrawal. Any breach of the Agreement or failure of any other service resulting from causes beyond our control will not entitle you to any compensation under this Agreement (see point “Limits of Campsite Control Responsibility” below).
If a defect occurs during your stay, it must be reported to us immediately so that we have the opportunity to rectify it. If you do not report a defect, you are not entitled to compensation. If you have received compensation but are not satisfied with it, you must let us know within 3 weeks (21 days) of departure. This can be done verbally, in writing or by email. We recommend email.

Limits of the campsite's control responsibility

In the event that the visit cannot be carried out due to an obstacle beyond our control and which we could not reasonably have foreseen when concluding the contract and the consequences of which could not reasonably be avoided or overcome, we are exempt from liability for Damages or other penalties. If the hindrance is due to a person whom we have commissioned to provide the campsite service in whole or in part, we are only released from the obligation to pay compensation if the party commissioned by us would be exempt in accordance with the previous paragraph. The same applies if the fault is due to a subcontractor employed by us or another person in the service chain.

What am I responsible for?

The attached rules and regulations apply during your stay at the campsite.
Violation of the rules and regulations of the campsite or breach of the contract may result in immediate termination of the contract. In the event of eviction, the amount owed will be calculated based on the price per night applicable to the period in which the guest had access to the pitch, plus the cost of the estimated damage. Any difference will be refunded no later than 10 days after eviction.


You are responsible for the insurance you deem necessary, such as liability, accident and luggage insurance.

What happens if we don't agree?

If we cannot reach an agreement, you may contact one of the following dispute resolution bodies, among others:
• • Visita's Disciplinary Committee, the industry's consumer complaints committee. We will follow the recommendations of the disciplinary committee. http://www.visita.se/mitt-foretag/Ansvarsnamnden/
• • Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (National Committee for Consumer Disputes, ARN; address see below) is an approved dispute resolution body under the Act on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Consumer Relations. We will follow ARN's recommendations.
• You can also contact the EU Commission's online dispute resolution platform: http://ec.europa.eu/odr
We do not undertake to participate in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms other than those of the National Board of Consumer Relations (ARN) and Visita, but we will consider this matter in the event of a dispute. You are also free to bring the dispute before a general court.
Address for ARN: Allmänna reklamationsnämnden Box 174 101 23 Stockholm

The Personal Data Act

We are responsible for handling the personal information you provide in connection with your parking space booking (e.g. name, address and telephone number). We process personal data for the purposes of managing bookings and payments and otherwise fulfilling our obligations and protecting rights under the agreement we enter into with you. The data may be passed on to debt collection companies or an authority/court for the purpose of collecting, determining and fulfilling your contractual obligations.
Once a year, upon written request, you have the right to inspect the data collected, information about its use, the place of origin of the data and information about any recipients of the data free of charge. You also have the right to request correction of changed or incorrect information at any time.
With your active consent, we may use your personal data to market our company.

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal under the Distance Selling and Doorstep Selling Act (2005:59) does not apply to accommodation, lodging and leisure activities agreements and you cannot therefore withdraw from a contract for the rental of a pitch for a tent, caravan, holiday home or motorhome make.


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